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Dalian Zhongyuan Petrochemical Engineering Group, established in 1998, is a diverse Chinese enterprise that integrates the sale of petroleum products (delivery on land; refueling of vessels at sea), waste oil recycling, new technology for petrochemical engineering, research, development and consultation of new process, and the manufacturing and sale of oil spill dispersant. Now we have a total asset of 280 million Yuan and a building area of 63,058 square meters out of a total floor space of 198,000 square meters. At the same time, we are able to store 100,000 tons of oil products. Our company has 120 experts, senior engineers, other technical professionals and managerial staff, which serve as the guarantee for our human resource.

Our company has been implementing such two projects as brand strategy and market strategy, whilst actively opening up domestic and foreign market and upgrading our core competitiveness continuously through independent innovation. As our company keeps developing and expanding, we have been working in an active and creative way by revolving around the enterprise’s production and construction. All this brings about a favorable atmosphere featuring constant progress and striving to be the first. 

Guided by the talent philosophy of people foremost, our company has been employing talents in multiple channels and treating employees kindly. Carrying forward the fine tradition of “solidarity and working hard”, we have been strengthening training on employees, advocating the establishment of study-oriented organizations and turning the company’s development goal into the employees’ conscious action. Moreover, unified core value and rich cultural life not only strengthen corporate cohesion and team spirit, but also further enhance the enterprise’s core competitiveness, which brings about a flourishing and harmonious atmosphere in the Group.



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